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Houston Pain Management offers drug rehab for those who have an addiction issue with narcotic medications. Addiction can happen to anyone who takes opiates. This may be Drug Addiction Treatment Houstonsomeone who had surgery and needed pain medication for relief, or an individual dealing with a chronic pain disorder. It doesn’t always happen to individuals with addictive tendencies, it may just be a person dealing with chronic pain where the dosage necessary for relief continues to increase.

Drug Rehab at Houston Pain Management is provided on an outpatient basis with a Board Certified Houston pain doctor who is licensed in Suboxone treatment. In the world of outpatient drug rehab, suboxone has been revolutionary since it was approved by the FDA in 2002. It is able to suppress withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Suboxone Treatment HoustonOne of the amazing aspects of Suboxone treatment is it does not cause euphoria in the opioid-dependent patient while simultaneously blocking the effects of opioids for twenty four hours. The abuse potential for Suboxone is low and it is perfect for Houston outpatient drug rehab programs.

The success rates for outpatient drug rehab treatment with Suboxone are over 50%. When a person tries to go “cold turkey”, the success rates are significantly lower due to the opioid withdrawal symptoms. However, when Suboxone is used in conjunction with a Board Certified doctor’s outpatient Houston drug treatment center, patients are often able to kick the habit successfully.

Houston Pain Management treats patients for drug addiction with programs that are outpatient, affordable and compassionate.

Call the pain clinic in Houston today that offers highly qualified and successful outpatient drug addiction treatment at (832) 699-0676.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Houston